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This section provides answers to the frequently asked questions about BizPie and its products.

About BizPie

Question 1  Are you just another website builder?
Answer:  No, Bizpie is not just website builder. BizPie  is a retail busness application software/hardware service provider. All BizPie products are firmly rooted in the industry specific point of sales software(POS). BizPie websites are built around the POS software. Unlike the other web site builders, BizPie builds POS software first and then builds websites. Therefore BizPie products are highly integrated into the web environment.

Question 2  Do  you provide the internet connection?
Answer :  No, BizPie is not an ISP( Internet Service Provider ). BizPie does not provide the internet connection. You must get your local ISP to provide your internet connection. BizPie recommends DSL lines for its POS products. However  a regular telephone modem (56k) might work, depends upon your usage. As for the cost of running DSL lines, normally runs about $40.00 per month from your local ISP. Some areas  DSL lines are not available yet. You have to check your local ISP for the availability before you subscribe BizPie software service. In the northern California region, Pacific Bell provides DHCP DSL line for about $40 per month as of today (9/07/2000).

About  the software

Question 1  Do I buy the POS software and Website software seperately?
Answer:  No, Bizpie POS software and Website software are licensed out together as a one product at a fixed monthly charge with a yearly contract. When you buy BizPie POS software license, BizPie Website software license comes with it.

Question 2  Who does maintain my BizPie  Website?
Answer :  BizPie maintains your BizPie Website account at no extra cost. You do not need a software engineer to update your website. If you have a customized website, there will be an extra charge for maintaining your website..

About the hardware

Question 1  What kind of hardware do I need? 
Answer:  Any computer or terminal machine that has a web browser capability will be fine for the most of BizPie POS software. However, for the video store POS, you need a thin client terminal*.  If you need more than one station, you also need a router and a hub. DSL modem will be provided by your local ISP. Your local ISP will even hook up and install a NIC( Network Interface Card) on your computer for you. Contact your local ISP for the detail.

*BizPie will provide these T5000  for a low monthly fee. You can also buy at very low price ($395).




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