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A Northern California company called California Super Video started BizPie. California Super Video has been around for the past 17 years in the video rental and retail business. California Super Video is the biggest independent video store in Northern California and is currently operating 7 stores in San Mateo,Santa Clara, and Alameda County. The stores range in size from 2000 square ft to 6500 square ft. The average size of a California Super Video is 4000 square ft and it stocks over 15000 movies. Since California Super Video has been around for the most part of the video rental business history, it has seen the ups and downs of this industry. Through thick and thin, it has endured all the turmoils of this industry and has seen a whole life span of a multibillion dollar industry. It has learned the art of survival in this highly volatile and extremely competitive industry. With innovation and superior technical expertise in software development, it has grown from 1 store to 7 stores in the past 7 years. It has been a remarkable achievement considering the shrinking market size and the fierce competition from the big corporations (in the past 7 years more than three quarters of the small and large independent video stores closed their doors.). Armed with this experience BizPie is in the good position to help the retailers to compete successfully in today's highly competitive retail market and understands the changes the retailers have to make to survive in this techno-savvy world.

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Even a small percentage gain of market share is difficult these days. Through the advent of the internet, BizPie can bridge the technical gap between the small retailers and the big corporations. By tapping into this new market, which was not easily accessible before, any small retailer can increase the profitability and market share. By streamlining the operation through BizPie Web POS system, any retailer can be as competive as any big corporate company can be. With BizPie any small and medium sized retailers can be e-commerce ready over night. Unlike the other web design companies, BizPie builds the industry specific web pages with the built-in-POS software. The minute the retailer goes on-line, it is e-commerce ready, and the retailer dose not need a seperate POS software. All in one!!!!. BizPie provides a perfect marriage between the brick & mortar retail and the internet retail. By building the internet ready web POS software, BizPie enables any brick & mortar retailer to share the physical store inventory or services on the web without any special effort..Now with BizPie any one can have the power of the both worlds.

What else?
BizPie gives a full service:No more headaches from software/hardware maintenance, data storage and back-up.BizPie provides all at a small monthly charge(No large upfront charge for the standard Web POS). BizPie also provides the retail management services.

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e-mail at info@bizpie.com. or phone (650) 631-7075





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